Arthritis of the Hand Arthritis of the Hand

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If you have arthritis it is very important for you to look after your joints, to avoid sprains and further injury, through applying joint protection, and to maintain range of motion and strength though daily exercises


Here are a few useful links:

Arthritis New Zealand


Arthritis Research UK - Looking after your joints


Arthritis Research UK has a lot of useful information about Arthritis in general and it is worthwhile visiting their website.


Another important aspect of managing Arthritis is to pace yourself and manage your time well.


Here is an e-book about time managment you might find helpful:


Arthritis Information Arthritis Information

Play Dough Recipe

Making your own exercise play-dough is a very cost effective option. Here is an easy recipe I have used for years.   1 Cup Salt 2 Cups of Flour 4 tsp Cream of Tartar 2 T...

Splinting Arthritis of the Hand

Splints can be useful to help relieve pain and restore function. Often soft splints are the more appropriate option as they are less restrictive, especially when the base of the thumb is...

Clever Equipment and Gadgets

As part of protecting your joints, you can use tools that will take the load off your joints and make tasks a bit easier. Here are a few of my favorites:  Fiskars Soft Touch...

Soft Thumb Supports

I am a big fan of the soft thumb supports. They are so versitile and I use them for a a lot of my patients.   They are great for the spastic hands to help reduce tone of the thumb. By...