Programmable Macro Keyboard Device (Auto Key)

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Device to reduce repetitive PC keyboard key sequences to reduce overuse and helps speed up processes. Allows programming macro key repetitions activated by a button press. Allows the connection of up to 5 input buttons.

For example, if you have a repetitive series of keystrokes entered into a PC application, and don’t want to take your hand off what ever you are doing, you can hit a button and have the Auto Key automatically position you in the right input field by typing say, <Tab Key><Tab Key> “No issues to report”, <Tab Key>, <Enter Key>.

Has been used a data entry tool in laboratories allowing the technician to focus on their task and push a button to enter data rather than interact with a keyboard.

Can also be used as an assistive tool where someone needs to type certain commands but is unable to operate a keyboard but operate a button of some sort.

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