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Splinting is one part of many in treating a hand problem. We will focus on the splinting aspect, however it is important to always consult a professional to ensure splinting is approriate in each individual case. 




Splinting Splinting


Making a Soft Thumb Support

Copy the pattern and adjust size to fit the hand. Flip the pattern for right or left hand support. (Note, you can download the pattern here.)


If you wish to include support for the thumb's Metacarpal joint (MP joint), include the dotted line in the design. (Shown for left hand).






For support of the base joint only (CMC joint), exclude the dotted line. (Shown for right hand). Cut out pater pattern forst to try fro size. Once you know the size is right, cut out hte Fabrifoam material.





Attach velcro tabs at both ends of the Fabrifoam. Sewing them on will prevent the tabs from getting lost or being placed in the wrong position, so is generally the best idea. However, if you don't have access to a sewing machine it will still work.



If you would like to download the instructions, click here.


Good Luck!


Recommended Reading Recommended Reading


The "Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity" is a must have book for anyone working in Hand Therapy.

This is a great book for anyone wanting to learn more about basic splinting principles, or for therapists teaching splinting.

Second Edition of Orthotic Intervention in the Hand and Upper Extremity is just out!

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