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Splinting is one part of many in treating a hand problem. We will focus on the splinting aspect, however it is important to always consult a professional to ensure splinting is approriate in each individual case. 




Splinting Splinting


Splinting Arthritis of the Hand

Splints can be useful to help relieve pain and restore function. Often soft splints are the more appropriate option as they are less restrictive, especially when the base of the thumb is affected.


Sometimes it can also be useful to use a wrist brace for shorter periods of time. The Otto Bock range have some splint specifically made for the rheumatoid hand, which have plastic insert in them rather than metal stays. This give the brace a bit more flexibility and also increases comfort

This wrist brace is called Manu Rheuma Flex 4024 from Otto Bock

The silver ring is from Silver Ring Splint

Recommended Reading Recommended Reading


The "Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity" is a must have book for anyone working in Hand Therapy.

This is a great book for anyone wanting to learn more about basic splinting principles, or for therapists teaching splinting.

Second Edition of Orthotic Intervention in the Hand and Upper Extremity is just out!

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