Fabric Lined Splint

The Fabric lined splint is a very useful splint for those fragile, sore or swollen hands. Here I have used some soft strapping – Durawrap/Mafra, which conforms well around the hand and also helps reduce any swelling. Over the wrist I have used Microgrip, which is an elastic, soft strapping, which would be confortably for …

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Circumferential Wrist Support

When you are making a circumferential splint, you do not need to use a thick thermoplastic. For this splint I have used a 1.6mm thick microperforated Turbocast. I like the different colours it comes in and as it has a coating on it, it does not tend to get as hot as the more shiny …

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Carpal Tunnel Night Splint

Splinting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at night is an effective way of trying to reduce symptoms. Here is a tutorial on how to make a night splint, using Orfit Classic, as we use the fact that it is sticky when warmed up. This makes it stick to the stoking which helps conforming the splint nicely around …

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Make a Resting Splint

There are couple of options of patterns when it comes to making resting splints, but I prefer the “paddle” as I find it gives the thumb a better position and it tends to be a bit stronger. So this is a step by step guide on how to make a resting splint. This works on children …

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Soft Thumb Supports

I am a big fan of the soft thumb supports. They are so versatile and I use them for a a lot of my patients. They are great for the spastic hands to help reduce tone of the thumb. By helping relax the thumb, the tone of the whole hand tends to reduce. It is …

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