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Radial Nerve Palsy Splint (Pulvertaft)

This is a great, low profile splint for Radial Nerve Palsy. Patients tend to love it because of its light weight and use friendly design. I prefer to use Orfit Classic 2mm for this one, but you can use any 1.6mm or 2mm thick thermoplastic. You want the thermoplastic to have a little bit of give, which gives it a semi-dynamic feel. I would not go any thicker than 2mm unless it is a very large hand. I find the Orfit Classic being a good option as you can use its characteristics of  it being sticky when it is warm. This makes the splint conform very well with a very good fit. 

Here is a powerpoint presentation I did a while back. It has step by step photos on how to make the Pulvertaft Splint.


Soft Thumb Supports

I am a big fan of the soft thumb supports. They are so versitile and I use them for a a lot of my patients.


They are great for the spastic hands to help reduce tone of the thumb. By helping relax the thumb, the tone of the whole hand tends to reduce. It is also a great proprioceptive stimulation to increase awareness of the hand and its' position.


I also use them for the CMC1 arthritic thumbs. Patients love the non-intrusive support which enables them to still fully use their hands.


I mainly use Fabrifoam to make these as it is a comfortable, breathable material. At times, when a more sturdy, longer lasting material is needed, Neoprene is a good option.






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